Best Way To Pick Up Acorns – 6 Acorns Tips 2021

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The autumn is coming, and so is the headache of keeping your backyard clean from the falling acorns all day. Picking up acorns is one of the most frustrating jobs that you must do even if you hate to do it. You cannot get rid of the oak because it’s a great decoration to your property and gives you home an extra vibe of nature. Furthermore, it gives you a nice shade in the harsh summer that you cannot ignore anyway.

The best way to deal with the problem is to pick up the acorns and make it a fun job. However, picking them up can be a fun job unless you know the best way to pick up acorns. In this article, I will get you through the easiest ways to pick up the acorns that can give you the relief you’re looking for.

best way to pick up acorns

What Machine Will Pick Up Acorns?

Although you can pick the acorns with your hands, it’s not an ideal and healthy solution. You have to bend too much that can hurt your back as well as waste time. There are power tools and machines that can do the job for you; here are some:

  • Acorn rake: It’s not a power tool, but a small, one-time investment to pick up archons efficiently like a broom. Don’t forget to pick the best rake for acorns to get the job done most effectively.
  • Yard Vacuum: Not every kind of vacuum can pull the job; you will need specialized vacuums that can suck in big acorns.
  • Lawn sweeper: They are especially efficient in a quick job that helps you with acorns, debris, leaf, and so on.
  • Nut bagger: Again, not a power tool, but effective enough to help you with picking up the acorns efficiently.

Best Way To Pick Up Acorns

Picking up the acorns from your lawn is indeed a bothersome job you cannot escape from just because you want to. Here is the best way to pick up acorns and keep your backyard or lawn neat and clean:

Pick them in prior

There is a great alternative to pick acorns up by not picking them and catching them before they even fall on the ground. Before they even start to fall, you have to net the area under the oak. Lay a net under the area of fall and roll it up when you want to clean the lawn. You’ll collect all the acorns at once in a few minutes this way. It’s a popular way to collect olives from the tree, and you can use it for your lawn as well!

Use a Nut bagger

Nut baggers come with special designs to pick up acorns, nuts, and other small or medium fruit from the ground. Mostly, they have an oval basket, attached to a handheld pole with a handle to that. You can roll the basket on the lawn, and the spring-like rods will bend to let the acorns inside the basket. Once you’re done collecting them inside, you can bend the springs open and let the acorns fall into a basket.

Use a lawn vacuum

You can use a lawn vacuum or the leaf vacuum that is used for cleaning leaves and other debris from a lawn. However, if you go for this method, you must ensure the vacuum has enough power to suck in the large acorns. The motor must be powerful enough to produce high torque that can absorb the acorns from the lawn. If you have a pretty big lawn with multiple oaks to fall acorns, you might not find a vacuum to be efficient enough. It will cost you too much in terms of both investing and energy to run it.

Use an acorn rake

Using a rake for the acorn on your lawn can be a good and handy solution. There are so many designs and types of acorn rake, broom-like power tools like, and so on. The best investment would be a rake with a sharp Brom along with a basket to automatically collect the acorns. The sharp portion will force the acorns to attach to it, and the basket will have a mechanism to collect them. If you have only a tree or two, and need an inexpensive solution, go for a regular broom-like rake.

Use a power sweeper

Power sweepers are an ideal solution if you have a bigger sized lawn with a lot of acorns to collect. They effectively sweep all the small to big debris from your lawn, including acorns, no matter how much you have. Using it is like a lawnmower that will work with a motor and sweep the area you’re applying it on. You have to collect all the acorns together once you’re done, brooming them to one space.

Let the professionals do it

If you’re not home or don’t have a scope or will to keep the lawn clean from the acorns, hire a professional service. Call a local landscape servicing agency that does gardening and lawn keeping jobs. They will come on a periodic time and clean your yard with appropriate tools that go into the cleaning job. However, if you have enough time and want to do it yourself, you can use any one of the methods below:

Benefits Of Picking Up Acorns

Picking up the acorns is indeed a tiresome job, but there are solid reasons why you must keep your lawn clean from them. Here are the benefits of acorn removal from your lawn or backyard:

  • Save the grass: If acorns fall on the grass of your lawn and stay that way long, they will harm the grasses and hinder their growth as they’re not getting enough sunlight.
  • Keeping the lawn safe: Acorns are not soft that you or your child can walk on. If you or your child walk on the lawn often, you must keep the lawn safe from the acorns as they are hard and sharp.
  • Prevents germination: If you let the acorns sit on your lawn for a long time, like any other seed, they will start unwanted germinating on the lawn and give you unnecessary trees.
  • Keep away from animals: Acorns may attract different animals like squirrels and other harmful mice that contain diseases. If you don’t keep them out, you may end up getting health issues from them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions about picking up acorns and ways to do that:

Will a yard vacuum pick up acorns

Yes, a yard vacuum, also known as the leaf vacuums, can pick up acorns effectively.

Does anyone buy acorns?

Yes, you can sell your acorns for $2 to $5 for each pound, where there will be 60 to 80 acorns.

Why can’t humans eat acorns?

Acorns contain a poisonous tannin on them, which is not suitable for humans, horses, cattle.

Final Thought

There is no doubt that it’s painful to bend down all day and pick the acorns up. It can be pretty hectic, even if you use a tool or machine to do the job. Especially if you have any issue with your health, it can be dangerous to bend down and pick them up repeatedly.

Without a proper solution, the problem won’t go on its own and keep coming back over and over each year. Using the ways I’ve mentioned above can help you get rid of them. They are the best way to pick up acorns, choose the way you find the most efficient, and use that to stay on the bright side.

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