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Are you a gardener or a farmer? Both require nothing but a garden tiller to till the land of your garden so that you can make the land fertile. So, before you learn about the use of a tiller, you should know why you need to use a garden tiller and when to use it.

As a gardener, you have enough experience in the soil preparation of a garden to grow plants, vegetables, and so forth. But you need good soil which has proper fertility, nutrients, and weeds-free. If you see that the soil in your garden requires to till with a tiller, you should go for a tiller so that you can till the land of your garden properly.

how to use a tiller

Is Tilling Good For Soil?

Actually, it depends on a number of things, whether you need to till your garden soil or not. Depending on the fertility and nutrients of the garden, you need to plough the land properly so that the plants can get needed nutrients and growth.

Also, you have to check the weeds in the soil. If the weed is heavy and the plants of your garden share their nutrients with these grasses or weeds, you should till the soil of your garden. In this case, tilling must be good for the soil.

Note: If you are a new gardener and need to till the land for the first time, you need a tiller. We have already covered an article on the best tiller for breaking new ground; you may need to read out to get the best tiller for your garden.

How To Use A Tiller

Using or tilling land of your garden with a tiller is not rocket science. But you have to learn the basics of operating the garden tiller so that you can till the soil according to your requirements. And before you go to till the land, you have to know the types of tiller available out there in the market.

Garden tillers are of two types. One of them is a front-tine tiller, and the other is a rear-tine tiller. You can till the soil of your garden with any of them. If you think you are good to go with a front-tine tiller, you can purchase one whether you may also purchase the rear-tine tiller for the same work. Both do the work for you as they are made for this specific job.

Front-tine tillers

The name suggests that the tines of the tiller are located in the front of the machine. This machine has its wheels in the rear location, allowing you to maneuver the land properly and smoothly. Having the tines in the front position, it allows you to see what exactly is happening with the tillers.

Depending on the soil’s hardness, you can use the front-tine tillers. If you are going to till the land of your garden which had been tilled before, it is easy to till with the front-tine tillers. On the other hand, it becomes a bit difficult if you go to a new garden land with a tiller.

Read-tine tillers

Unlike the front-tine tillers, it occupies its tines in the rear location and the wheels on the front position. These tillers do the hard for you even it is new land which had not been tilled before. It is designed for larger work in your garden or lawn to the lands. While driving the tiller, it’s wheel propels the unit forward. Therefore, it becomes easy to till the land.

Moreover, these tillers have two types or rotating tines, including counter-rotating tines and standard rotating tines that can be adjusted depending on your preferences. You should use standard rotating tines while for breaking the new ground, you should use counter-rotating tines.

However, you need to follow a few steps carefully so that you can run the machine effectively to till the soil of your garden. Also, make sure you have equipped yourself properly wearing the protective gear so that you can keep safe at the time of the operation of the tiller.

Otherwise, you may get injured, which is unwanted. The following steps will help you operate the machine properly and allow you to till the ground well. Without talking further, let’s learn the steps to use and till the soil properly.

Step #01

Before you go to switch on the machine, I will recommend you to read the user manual that the manufacturer sent with the tiller. Therefore, it will be easier for you to operate and till the ground of your garden.

So, in this very first step, you should check the machine and switch on and adjust the chock of the machine to start operating and tilling the ground.

Step #02

After adjusting the chock of the machine, now it’s time to dig the land. But hold on! Because you have to use the handles properly to move the tiller forward digging the land. The handles of the tiller will allow you to move forward. Not only that, you can rotate the machine to the left or right using these handles as well.

Step #03

The step will help you to learn to move the tiller on the left and right sides of the ground. To do so, you need to utilize both handles according to your needs. If you want to move the tiller a bit on the right-hand side, you have to pull the left handle and rotate. In the same way, you have to pull the right handle of the machine to move it on the left side to the ground properly.

Step #04

You may need to dig the land deeply, standing in the fixed position. Holding the handles and pulling them upper will allow you to do the job for you. Because when you pull both handles together, there is a pin located behind the machine, which will help you to dig the ground in the fixed position.

Step #05

In this step, you will learn how to dig the ground and move forward. In this case, you also have to pull both handles firmly but not pull them up. Then you can move the tiller forward, digging the ground in the garden.

When Should You Use A Tiller?

You may need to use a tiller to till the ground of your garden for many reasons. As a gardener, you have to check the soil of your garden frequently to check if the soil is suitable for the plants in your garden. If you see any trouble in the soil, then you should till the ground using a tiller.

Tilling the soil of your garden will help to improve the fertility of the soil. Also, you can weed out the grasses and make the soil better for the growth of the plans and their nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions in your mind? Don’t worry because I will answer the most asked question regarding the topic below so that you have no queries.

Is tilling good for your garden?

Of course, tilling is good for your garden if you see that the soil needs to make it more fertile.

Can you use a tiller on grass?

Yes, you can use a tiller on grass; therefore, you can weed out these grasses as well.

Can I use a tiller to remove weeds?

Yes, you can use a tiller to remove weeds because it will help to root them out.

Final Thought

The steps mentioned above will definitely help you to use your tiller in the proper way. Depending on the soil of your garden, you have to consider whether you need to till it or not. Tilling the soil is good for the plants because it makes the soil more fertile and nutrients as well. And using a tiller, you can do the job perfectly for your garden.

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