How To Use Garden Sprayer – 7 Reason You Should Know

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Liquid garden sprayers are the most popular types of garden sprayers to the gardeners. The simple mechanism and the easy usability of the liquid sprayer have attracted the garden lovers. Yet people in our communities raise questions about “how to use garden sprayer”. Our effort will help to answer this question.

If you need to have fine control at the time of spraying, the backpack sprayer is a great tool. You should ensure the safety of you at the time of spraying herbicide on the weeds. You should choose the right type of garden sprayers depending on the types of weeds and the height of the garden. Let’s know the different types of garden sprayers and the proper way of using the sprayers.

how to use garden sprayer

Different Types Of Garden Sprayers

There are many ways to eliminate weeds from the garden or lawn. Using garden sprays are one of the most effective and popular methods for eliminating weeds. You can control the methods and level of delivering sprays by choosing the right type of sprayer. Liquid sprayers, air sprayers, and gasoline-powered sprayers are the most popular sprayers in the market. Let’s see the pros and cons of every type of garden sprayers.

Liquid Sprayer

The liquid is one of the most popular and easiest ways of eliminating garden weeds. It features a long hose that delivers chemicals to the weeded area. The proper wanding of the sprayers ensure the proper calibration to deliver the sprayer. If you need more control at the time of spraying, you may use this sprayer.

Air Sprayer

The material transfer rate is higher in the air sprayer than an airless sprayer. Instead of using a liquid, a very fine powder is used to remove weeds from the lawn and gardens.

Gasoline-powered sprayers

If you are an amateur gardener, this sprayer is not perfect for you. It is especially important where you need more coverage than fine control.

Compression Tank Sprayers

This is another popular type of sprayer and similar to the liquid sprayer. Its built-in compression tank system allows the streaming of the herbicide in a proper way. You don’t need to pump continuously to spray to eliminate weeds. You just need to steam at the time of decreasing the compression.

How To Use Garden Sprayer?

The popularity of the garden sprayer is increasing day by day. Properly using the garden sprayer facilitates your gardening. As there are many types of garden sprayers, using in a proper way depends on the types of garden sprayers. Here I am describing the proper way of using the liquid sprayers.

Step 01

Regardless of the types of sprayer you use, you must confirm the safety of you. So, before going to use a sprayer, you need to put on long sleeves and pants. You also should wear closed-toes shoes, safety glasses before starting spraying. If you don’t wear protective clothing at the time of spraying, you may suffer from skin problems.

Step 02

After confirming safety, remove the top of the sprayer from the tank. Some models of sprayers have a valve on the side of the tank. If you have a valve on the tank, pull it out and remove excess air from the tank. Then fill the tank with water according to the instruction described in the manual of the sprayers.

Step 03

There are different types of herbicide used to wipe out weeds. You will see the proper measurement of using herbicide on the bottle. First of all, measure the area where you are going to use herbicide. Then mix the right amount of herbicide with water and tighten the lip of the tank properly. If you don’t insert the lid back onto the sprayer, the herbicide will fall from the tank and damage the skin.

Step 04

Now you need to mix the herbicide with water properly. Grasping the handle of the tank, start pulling up and pushing down slowly. Continuous this cycle until you feel tough to push the handle. If you feel tough to push the handle of the tank, stop pushing the handle.

Step 05

You need to set the nozzle of the sprayer at the optimum level. You can either widen the nozzle of the sprayer or narrow the nozzle of the sprayer. Narrowing the nozzle of the sprayer will help you to protect from dropping the spray in the undesired plants. You also need to narrow the pattern in case of reaching sprays in the high area of the garden.

Step 06

Keep the spray nozzle 10/12 inch away from the desired weed and press the trigger of the sprayer to spray the herbicide. Spray the herbicide to weeds evenly so that the weeds can’t grow again in the garden or lawn. Spray the herbicide on all the weed, and you think that there has the probability of growing weeds.

Step 07

After spraying with liquid sprayer, you need to clean the tank and the nozzle of the sprayer. To clean the tank, you need to remove the lid from the top of the tank and rinse it thoroughly to remove chemicals.

Though we have described the proper way of using liquid type the garden sprayer, the using process varies on the type to type. We tried our best to answer how to use a garden sprayer, and we hope that you have got valuable information about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far will a garden sprayer spray?

The length of the spraying depends on the type of sprayer you are using and the pressure you have created on the tank. Generally, a liquid sprayer can reach up to 10+ feet under the proper pressure. Some high-end side pump sprayers can reach up to 25 to 30 feet distance.

How far does a backpack sprayer spray?

The backpack sprayer is a special type of gardening tool used for spray herbicide, insecticide, and water in the garden. The distance of the spraying depends on the type of backpack sprayer. The distance of the sprayer ranges from  10 feet to 30 feet.

What is the difference between a piston and diaphragm sprayer?

The power of spraying is the main difference between piston and diaphragm sprayer. The piston sprayer can deliver more power than the diaphragm sprayer. The diaphragm sprayer can generate 4 bars of power at the spraying; the piston can generate 6 bars of power.

Final Thought

Garden sprayer is the most important material for removing the weed from a garden or lawn. There are many types and models of garden sprayers. You need to choose the right type of sprayer and know the proper way of using it to remove the weed from the garden.

The right type of sprayer depends on the type of garden, the type of weeds grow in the garden, and the hight of the weed in the garden. So, choose the right type of garden sprayer depending on the type of garden and weeds.

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