What Size Log Splitter Do I Need for Any Splitting Job in 2021?

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A standard log splitter plays crucial rules in human life since it reduces the labor of cutting wood. If you’re someone who needs to deal with the wood log often, a log splitter is essential to you. Before purchasing a definite one, you must ask someone experienced what size log splitter do I need?

If you find nobody around you to give you an actual answer, this article is for you. We’re going to discuss the ideal size of a log splitter and the process of choosing the right one. To have an excellent splitter, you should stick to here for a while. Let’s move on!

What Size Log Splitter Do I Need?

If you ask what size of log splitter do I need? The answer depends on which types of wood you’re going to cut. If you need to cut small diameter firewood, you can go for the regular-sized splitter. But if you have to deal with hard and big timber, it’s mandatory to purchase the best-sized log splitter.


A big sized splitter around 24 inches is perfect for the professionals as they have to work all day long with all sizes of wood. If you’re going to work professionally with your splitter, you can’t but purchasing the biggest possible machine to cut wood. In this case, you have to spend handsome money as a well-sized splitter comes with a standard mechanism. You can go for a log splitter under $1000 to have the best efficiency and comfort.

How Does A Log Splitter Work?

A log splitter has a great mechanism to cut wood. It typically comprises six components, including a hydraulic pump, a tank, a hydraulic cylinder, a tank, an engine, and a filter. Every part of it is crucial to perform its operation smoothly and precisely. The pump will begin building up pressure and pushing the fluid through the valve when you start the engine. The valve is connected with either side of the hydraulic piston through the two different pipes, and a tube is connected to the tank.

Whenever the lever is pulled as per the direction, the fluid becomes pumped into the cylinder. Then the cylinder drives the piston and lets the blade move. At the same time, to ensure the cutting process of wood, the fluid is released from the other side of the piston through the filter.

Key Points To Consider When Choosing Your Log Splitter:

You may have intended to purchase a log splitter, but don’t know what to consider to find the best one. If we’re right, you will end up with a mess and lost your money. So, you have to know the key considerations before finalizing a definite one. In the following section, we’re going to point out some points.

Power of motor:

The motor is the key component of a log splitter as it performs the whole process. You can cut off hard and wet wood effortlessly if your splitter occupies a powerful motor. So, you must choose a splitter that comes with a notable horsepower motor. In this case, you have to bring on account the total RAM splitting force and total amps of your chosen splitter.

The length of the log:

All the splitters are not for you. Some splitter is perfect for small-sized log; some are for ample logs. You have to pick a certain one considering the length of your log that you’re going to cut off often. If you make a mistake in this section, all of your attempts will go in vain.

The diameter range of log:

The range of diameter splitting is another crucial consideration. If you want the prospected result, you need a splitter to handle a large diameter up to twelve inches.

But for a better result, you should always look for a high-powered splitter that can work with a higher diameter.


Who doesn’t like to have a portable log splitter? A portable splitter is easy to carry and safe in use. You can store up a portable splitter in your home or garage at ease. As a result, it will be protected from the children as well. Hence, you should be determined to purchase a log splitter that comes with wheels to allow you to move it around.

Fast cycle times:

You can cut massive wood within less time with fast cycle times splitter. Also, a log splitter with the quickest cycle times can provide much efficiency and productivity in cutting wood. To save your time and toil, you can’t but choosing a log splitter with a faster cycle time.

Construction process:

The overall construction process plays a critical rule in having the best performance with a log splitter. You can use a splitter with steel construction year after year without any trouble and maintenance. Even a well-constructed splitter looks glamorous externally. So, you have to purchase such a log splitter that comes with steel-construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions related to the log splitter. You should focus on this section to gather more information.

Are log splitters good?

Yes, the log splitters are handy and effective for cutting large wood with less labor. It lessens the labor and ultimately saves enough time.

Can you use a log splitter in the rain?

It’s not ideal to use a log splitter in the rain. Water can get into the engine and hamper its regular activity.

Can you pull a log splitter on the road?

You shouldn’t pull a log splitter on the road since it’s not designed for the highway.

Final Thought

If you feel uneasy about cutting wood with hand, you must purchase a log splitter right now. It will help you to cut off massive wood with less time and toil. Will you again ask what size of log splitter do I need after reading this article? No need if you’ve focused on the initial part where we’ve discussed it. Hence, it’s your turn to bring a standard sized splitter considering your need.

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